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1964 Continental Get Thrown Out Of Gear While Driving

I have a 64 convertible. The power steering frequently throws the car out of gear. Mostly with hard turns. Restarting the car will turn it back on.
My mechanic doesn’t know where to begin, so i need to advise him. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Greetings Tommy –
According to your information it appears that no one has checked anything on your Lincoln for this issue so far. The first thing that I would examine carefully is the rubber engine and transmission mounts. If any are found detached or faulty I would then go to our Lincoln Land parts bin for new ones and replace them all immediately. Next, all of the transmission and steering column linkage should be looked at for damage, looseness and/or a worn out selector detent or shift lever. Let us know what you have found.

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