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1963 Sedan Engine Won’t Stop When Key Is Turned Off

Hi Bill,
I have 1963 Continental. The problem is that every now and then engine won’t stop from the key. I did check from the ignition coil and it has 12 volts on it. Not the 6 volts as normally running. Schematic shows that 12 volts come to ignition coil at starting from the starter relay. I have a shop manual but it shows that the starter relay is located under the fusebox, but mine is in the engine bay. Is the connection different in 63 than the earlier models?
Hello Tomi –
The 12v is sent to the coil from the starter relay only while the engine is cranking in the “start” position of the ignition switch. After the engine starts and the ignition switch is released to the “run” position reduced voltage to the coil resumes from the ignition switch.
Your problem sounds like a faulty starter relay that is intermittently shorted internally. To check this theory unplug the wire at the relay that runs to the coil during the next no shut off event. If the engine then shuts off the starter relay will need a replacement. If the engine continues to run you will need to trace the ignition circuit for a possible short or intrusion from another circuit somewhere.

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