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1963 Continental Hard To Start & Reply

Hi Bill –
You are great! My car is extremely hard to start after sitting for one day-I live in California already. If not started in two days, it requires at least 4-5 cranks. I’ve had the car two years and have always had this problem. After driving, it starts immediately. The car only has 62,000 miles. Thanks do much.
Greetings Don –
A quick cold engine start in any weather is always a critical exercise for any engine therefore all systems must be up to par. You don’t tell us what if anything was done to the engine in the two years that you have owned it to correct the situation so all of the following should be considered. Assuming the engine is in good shape, the ignition points, condenser, high tension wiring and plugs should be checked and adjusted or replaced if you have no record of their maintenance history. The choke operation when cold should be observed and corrected if necessary. Your battery must have a good charge and be able to operate a capable starter motor at a reasonably good speed. If the above items are proven to be in good working order a fuel delivery pressure and volume test will be in order as per the shop manual. Popular failures here are the fuel pump, fuel pump drive shaft, fuel filter along with all fuel lines, hoses and the in tank pick up tube. An engine with good compression and all of the above ( ignition, fuel, choke and cranking system) in good order has no excuse not to start. We have all of the necessary repair or tune up parts ready to ship to you as necessary. Good luck and let us know what you find.
Dear Bill –
Thanks for the suggestions. The previous owner had not driven the car for approx. 3 yrs and stated that he had always had difficulty starting it. He suggested that I “pump the accelerator approx. 10 times” but in reality, it requires approx. 30 “pumps”. Can I pour gasoline down the carb “throat”. The battery is new-Motorcraft but with constant cranking, eventually needs charging. I’m afraid of ruining the starterl.The previous owner pampered the car but I did not receive maintenance records, only restoration records-many, many thousands of dollars worth. The car only has 62K miles and runs magnificently-it is silent. Again, thank you and Happy Holidays.
Donald Pooler

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