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1963 Continental Fuel Pump Issues

Hello Bill,
I have a 63 Continental. The previous owner had installed a small pump that runs along the undercarriage of the car to deliver the fuel to the engine. He said that it was common for these cars not to get enough fuel through the factory fuel pump; he mentioned that the Thunderbird had the same issue.
The pump is activated by a switch inside the car, if I turn it off the car starts to shut down. Does this mean that this pump is the only way the car is getting fuel, and not through the regular fuel pump or sending unit? Your suggestions would be helpful. Should I live with it, after all it works. Or should I correct it to what it should be. Or what is the problem with the car not getting enough fuel on its own without the help from this pump?
Thanks you for your thoughts!
Greetings Robert –
Yes it does sound as if your electric pump is the only source of fuel supply for the engine. The original fuel pump set up on that engine did indeed have some unique problems. These problems and any other concerns however are easy to overcome with proper upkeep of the vehicle. That is to say “address concerns as soon as they appear”.
Assuming that your Lincoln has all of its original fuel system equipment I would restore it as the primary fuel supply and keep the electric pump as a back up. Many of our Lincoln friends do this and it works out very well. At Lincoln Land we normally stock the necessary parts and manuals for the fuel system restoration for your car.
Please contact us for further information regarding this matter and we will be pleased to supply you with any parts, information and help that you may require.

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