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1963 Continental Carburetor Question

Hey Bill!
What carburetor do you recommend for a 63 Continental?
I saw somewhere that they came with Carter AFB 4V but not sure if it’s a 600 or 750. My mechanic thinks that a 600 is too small.
Any suggestions?
Thank You,
Hi Matt –
We have no issues at all with the carter 600 cfm AFB 4bbl that FoMoCo chose for that engine therefore substitute carburetor installation is extremely rare at Lincoln Land. A good original is more than ample but if you want or need a new carburetor we would advise the Edelbrock 1406 for these engines as they are almost the same carburetor in appearance and are also 600 cfm. A factory new carburetor solves all of the wear issues that may be present in even a good rebuilt carburetor and many collector car owners are very pleased with them.
It would take more than anyone merely “thinking” that a 600 cfm carburetor is too small and was the wrong choice by Lincoln for the necessary fuel requirements and smooth performance in their luxury automobiles to cause me to believe that a 750 cfm is the way to go. However I am sure that a 750 cfm would be available if you should desire to experiment.

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