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1963 Continental Battery Drain Issue

Hey Bill!
Something seems to be draining my battery and I haven’t been able to determine what it is yet. Maybe u can shed some light?
I’ve replaced the alternator, voltage regulator, starter solenoid, battery cables and connections, fuses, plus I’ve even replaced the battery itself.
The car runs and drives but if I don’t disconnect the battery when parked in the garage then the battery drains.
I ran the car and disconnected the positive post while car was running and it caused it to shut off.
I’m thinking there’s a wiring issue in between the battery, alternator, and voltage regulator. When I replaced them I put the connections exactly where they were on the original parts. Perhaps original owner didn’t have them correct in the first place.
My generator gauge light stays on as well.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
Hello Matt –
Did you replace those parts to correct that same problem of battery drain? Were any of these parts purchased at Lincoln Land? You don’t mention if the battery is being charged properly or not with the correct voltage or not by these replaced parts. In any case, if you suspect a wiring problem you will need to carefully inspect and test your wiring as per the (correct) wiring diagram for your vehicle and repair the faulty wiring as necessary. I would probably start though by disconnecting the alternator from the circuit separately to find out if the battery drain then goes away overnight and then move on to the regulator if the drain still exists. One of the new parts could be defective and causing the battery drain. Meaningful diagnosis with the correct tools and testing equipment along the Shop Manual is necessary to pinpoint most charging and electrical issues. This method also helps to avoid replacing components that are not defective. Let us know what you find out.

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