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1962 Continental Transmission & Power Steering Questions

Hi Bill,
A couple of more questions on my 62 Lincoln for you thanks.
I have noticed just lately that the auto takes a bit longer to change from 2nd to 3rd than it used to, about 40MPH before it drops in, and it doesn’t seem smooth when it does, the auto was rebuilt about 12 months ago so I don’t Suspect any worn parts or band adjustments.
The other question is about my power steering not knowing the norm for 60’s Lincolns or its idiosyncrasy in steering, I’ve read many comments like vague, tack like a boat etc. It’s a new steering box from you guys and new standoff discs. It steers fine except it’s all ways seems a bit to touchy when driving in a straight line, a slight movement in the steering wheel amplifies at the wheels. It’s all ways done this from the old box to the new one, so was thinking is this the way they are or is it something else I can adjust. The pump has had a new kit through it about 12 months ago etc. I think it’s more noticeable when I’m not accelerating but that might be my paranoia.
I don’t know any other Lincoln owner over here as they are not that common to discuss issues.
Thanks for the help in the past keep up the good work.
Kind regards,
Hi Dale –
That 62 Lincoln must be a real head turner in Australia.
A transmission that seems to be shifting incorrectly shortly after a rebuild should be road tested at the shop and by mechanic that rebuilt it. If this is not a failing internal component the issue may simply be the externally mounted vacuum shift valve or the vacuum line and hose from the engine to this valve, the throttle kick down linkage rod and spring from the carburetor to the transmission or possibly low fluid level in the transmission. Always consider and inspect the small items first.
Steering questions are many times difficult to answer without a personal road test but what you are describing seems to be the “touchy” straight line steering condition that it is commonly referred to as. You also state that “it’s always done this from the old box to the new one”. The power steering pump can’t contribute to this. The steering system cannot “amplify the steering effort at the wheels” or change the ratio as it is a mechanical connection and can only respond as per the factory designed front end geometry. Still that “touchy” feeling is there and can be annoying. The tire pressure, type, size and condition of the tires and wheels can cause this in some cases and I would look here first. We have seen some very strange combinations of tires and wheels that have been installed on vehicles arriving in our service area. If the above and all of the steering components are tight and are the correct parts in good order I would then consider that the front end alignment specs may not be correct. A good front end shop with a good technician will adjust the alignment only to the factory specifications for the best results. The technician will also road test with you in order to understand what you are experiencing. Let us know what you find.

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