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1962 Continental Convertible Issues

Hello Bill,

I have two questions. When I put the top up the top doesn’t go up contentious. The top will go up then pause go up and pause again. This will go on until it reaches the end. Is it low on fluid and if it is what kind of fluid does it take? My other question is my speaker is cracked on top of the dash it is unsightly. The radio speaker works. Do you know anyone that fixes that problem?

Thanks Ed

Greetings Ed –

Congrats to you on your recent 1962 Lincoln convertible. They are extremely collectible and well thought of by those in the collector car hobby and business.

Your present power convertible top issue regarding hesitation could be a fluid loss issue as you suggest. The fluid can be checked in the reservoir as shown in the maintenance manual that you will be receiving. The fluid needed is regular automatic transmission fluid. Depending on how this hesitation sounds and looks when operated the problem could also be some sort of electrical failure as well. The top manual should show you all of the relays, circuit breakers and switches etc. that are involved. The top operation involves plenty of electrical wiring and switching etc. and you will need to study the manual and diagnose this and any other failures one at a time. At this time you do not know what work has been done to the top system by the previous owner or his mechanics. There are no replacement parts for the dash, however we will be in contact as we can help you with a Used assembly if required.

We at Lincoln Land are prepared to help you with any information and the correct parts as you need them. Good luck with the repairs and please keep us informed.



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