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1961 Starting Issues

Good Morning Bill,
I have a new issue that I am hoping to you help me solve.
While bumping the starter in short bursts in the effort to un-seize the engine; my son left the ignition switch in the “On position” for two days.
Now, a red generator light appears on the dash broad and the starter won’t engage/turn. All it does is make a single clicking sound when I turn the key.
Any suggestions?
Gary –
From the description of your problem we would first strongly suspect that the battery has lost its charge. If the ignition key was left on for two days as you have indicated a battery will be powering up the ignition system and the generator light etc. during that time period. Therefore the condition and state of charge of the battery are the first things for you to examine. Leaving the key on can be detrimental to some parts of the ignition system as well. The life of these parts may have been shortened. Time will tell.

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