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1961 Continental Window Issues

Hey Bill,
I was just looking to get your thoughts on a 1961 continental that I have just purchased. All the power windows work except for the right rear. It will roll down from the master switch and the switch at the door, but it will not roll up from either switch. I have swapped switches from the other rear door but still does not roll up at the right rear. Any thoughts on where to look next?
Thanks I appreciate your time.
Hi Eric –
The 1961 Lincoln Continental is a real nice vehicle to have. They are well thought of by car collectors around the world.
The best advice that I can give to anyone who has recently purchased an older car and is planning on performing their own maintenance and repairs is to purchase a factory Shop Manual and wiring diagram for that exact year and make of car. In your case the wiring diagram will help guide you along with the use of a 12v test light to correctly follow the power path for the power window circuit in order to accurately diagnose the problem. If your 61 is a convertible it will have the automatic rear window dropping feature that lowers the window when any rear door is open. The rear window circuit in a convertible can be two or three times as complicated as a sedan. The manual and wiring diagram will show you the operation of the switches and location of the various breakers and any relays etc. Therefore attempting to pinpoint a problem without a wiring diagram and not knowing how and when the power window motors receive power and how the circuits are grounded will usually be frustrating and time consuming. Your issue could be as simple as a broken wire or a failure with any one of the many switches or relays etc. therefore accurate diagnosing is the key to success here. One tip to consider is that unlike the newer p/w motors with two wires these older style motors can fail in one direction only. If we can help you further with any parts that you may require etc. please contact us further.

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