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1957 Premiere Brake Issues

Bill –
I have a 57 Premiere with 64K miles on it…. Had the brake booster replaced and since then, it is undriveable. The brakes are so tight that anything more than 1/2 inch of pedal movement threatens to throw you thru the windshield. Very difficult to manage on an incline, so it sits in the driveway. How are these brakes adjusted so it is driveable again? I have other cars from the era so I know that power brakes and steering are different but not like this.
Thanks in advance,
Hello Richard –
Brake issues such as you are experiencing should be actually road tested in person by anyone who is trying to diagnose a problem. If I am understanding your description though you are describing a harsh and very sensitive braking action that is hard to control. Your statement….. “had brake booster replaced and since then it is undriveable”….. may be the key to the problem. I believe that you should consult with the shop that rebuilt and or installed the booster and advise them what you are experiencing. This condition is not uncommon and in many cases the cause is an incorrect usage or installation of a repair part. The rebuilder will probably be concerned and will advise you exactly what action to take as this type of braking action is undesirable can be unsafe. If you can provide us with any additional information or would like to discuss this further please feel free to contact us at any time. I do hope that the above helps to quickly resolve your problem.

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