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1957 Mark Brake Vacuum Noise

From time I purchased this car a loud air noise occurs when applying the brakes. The car drives and runs, under all conditions beautifully including stopping. Is this a problem that historically occurs in the booster at some point while not impacting brake functioning, and what might be the fix? My thanks to you and your great service to all of us.
Hi Bob –
We are pleased that you are enjoying the forum as well as your lovely Mark II. The noise that you are describing sounds to me like a vacuum leak within the Bendix Treadlevac booster as it occurs according to your description only during brake application. Among several other suspect parts inside this booster there is a rubber vacuum hose that can expand or rupture and cause this hissing ( this has happened previously with my 54 Capri ). Not knowing the maintenance history of your car though the possibility also exists of course that perhaps the booster and cylinder assembly may be overdue for a general inspection and overhaul. We can if you wish make arrangements to do this for you or have it done for you from Lincoln Land. If you have no access to this service locally please contact us and deal with George or Chris as they are aware of your issue.
I hope that the above helps you to a speedy repair.

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